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Young Black Leadership Summit 2018

commentary (10/28/2018)


In the late 1970s in a severely politically violent climate, Jamaica’s own Legend Bob Marley took a stand in the name of PEACE and LOVE amidst PURE HATRED between radical supporters of Socialist leader Michael Manley and Capitalist leader Edward Seaga.

MANY PEOPLE DIED and Marley was under immense pressure to choose one side over the other but instead he chose UNITY. EVEN AFTER AN ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ON HIS LIFE ... he came back to Jamaica to try and unite his country.

From that came the One Love Peace Concert where he brought the two men on stage and for that moment there was peace. Although the violence continued the world witnessed him stand in between the two sides and represent the change he wanted to see.

I received a lot of hate from twitter fingers and Facebook bangers for accepting the invitation speaking at the Young Black Leadership Summit.

 Some of them assumed I was there bootlicking and “cooning” for some perceived fame chasing or soul exchanging.

Despite that I got up there and delivered a message NOT to denounce or endorse the POTUS, or really give any political commentary to the liking for or against Democrats or Republicans.

I attended (WITHOUT BEING PAID TO BE THERE) and spoke as an objective seeker and barer of knowledge.

I know it’s difficult for some to understand but NO revolutionary has ever made everyone happy on their journey to liberation, just look at Bob. I’m here to encourage people no matter what they look like or what people say you SHOULD do, to do your research, hold EVERYONE accountable, and do It with LOVE in your heart.

Hate speech and slanderous rhetoric SOLVES NOTHING! Be the change you want to see in others.

Thank You to Brandon Tatum and TPUSA for the opportunity even knowing we didn’t share ALL the same views; collectively we endorse #FREETHINKING so long as it’s substantiated with facts!



Release Date: 19th October  

Hip Hop/Rapper Clay Dub hailing from South LA is set to release his latest track taken from his 3 part short film song series titled Left Me For Dead on the 19th October.  

The second track of this installation is a nod to his early inspirations from artists such as Tupac Nate Dogg and J.Cole. Left Me For Dead is an upbeat hip hop track that showcases not only his lyrical genius but also his impressive composition. The addition of dark, synth tones gives us a fresh take on Hip Hop.  

The song was written about fighting off the non believers and dreaming big when you are surrounded by doubters and his positive mental attitude truly rubs off on the listener.  Clay Dub describes his 3 part short film song series with the following statement. "Traditionally, people score films with music. Well I wanted to try something different and score music with a film. So, I took 3 of my original songs that have ENTIRELY nothing to do with one another, and wrote a 3-part story to them." - Clay Dub  

His first edition of the series 'Best Friend' was featured on many publications such as The Word Is Bond and Hip Hop Magz, using words such as 'soul thumping rythmn' to rightly talk about his sound. It also achieved spots on many major playlists such as 'Rap Brain' by STOPIFY and 'Rap Empire' by Noble Vybe. Now boasting over 10,000 views on You Tube, he is in good stead for track two being released.  

You can catch Clay Dub live in NYC at Club Pyramid on October 23rd and in Washington D.C. on Friday 26th October for Young Black Leadership Summit.  

Clay Dub's Left Me For Dead will be available to listen on all major digital platforms on 19th October.