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  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Brother Stone & The Get Down
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  • Neezy
  • Alexis Nicole Jackson
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  • Melody Show LA 

Who is Clay Dub?

A Crenshaw District native, raised in both South LA and West Philadelphia, Cedric Ingram II also known by true fans as Clay Dub is an entrepreneur, musician, educator, and creative.  

Having grown up in foster care for a portion off life in two fairly rugged and dangerous cities, Clay Dub learned about protocol and hood politics, as well as code switching FAST - when you change your dialect and temperament based on the social/cultural atmosphere around you. 

"I went to all black and brown schools from elementary until the end of high school; then all of college was majority caucasian.  That experience added to my repertoire of dialects, social adeptness, and insight on how our culture was viewed and consumed by non-black people."

Now a college graduate (some years removed), experienced entrepreneur (EVERYDAY), and program director, Clay Dub is pounding the pavement on his independent journey of over 9 years (financially), to show the generations to come that there is sustainability in the entertainment vertical without compromising your integrity. 

"I personally thank you for your interest and support in what I can only hope is a shared sentiment in the pursuit of continuous evolution of WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO!  Just be sure to surround yourself with people who are headed in your direction with equal or greater integrity."

-Clay Dub

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